Global Synergy

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~ Winston Churchill



Our business mission is to develop natural resources (oil, gas, coal, geothermal, solar, wind, and hydro) in emerging countries and regions of the world. We are committed to improve the quality of life, environment, safety, and community in the countries or regions where we are operated. Currently we are focused on exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and geothermal resources in China, Central Asia, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, South America and Europe.  We are aggressively exploring all business opportunities of developing other natural resources.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Facing the challenging business environment of worldwide oil and gas exploration and production, we positions ourselves uniquely by combining modern western management skills with low-cost and high-quality Chinese workforce in order to obtain efficient and profitable operations. Our employees and associated consultants/advisors are professionals and specialists with many years of experience in US and China oil and gas industries. Modern management skills and advanced technology expertise are the main driving forces of our company. We are focused in the low-risk concession blocks and field development projects in emerging countries and regions of the world.

By teaming up with our strategic partners and investors in US, China, and Korea, we are looking for the following E&P projects as our focus:

    • Low risk exploration projects with a minimum P50 reserve of 500 MMBOE for onshore and 1,000 MMBOE for offshore
    • Field development projects with a minimum 2P (Proven+Probable) reserve of 40 MMBOE for onshore and 100 MMBOE for offshore
    • Producing projects with a minimum 1P (Proven) reserve of 10 MMBOE for onshore (or 500 BOPD) and 50 MMBOE for offshore (or 10,000 BOPD)
    • Brown (old) oilfield redevelopment projects with
      • a minimum recoverable reserve of 10 MMBOE,
      • without or with some water injection,
      • without tertiary recovery, and (4) with exiting field infrastructure
    • Stable political and legal systems for a given country or region is a must

Drilling and Oilfield Services and Equipment

We are based in the world capital of oil and gas industry - Houston, Texas, USA. We can easily access most advanced E&P technology, particularly in drilling and oilfield services. With our well developed oilfield services and equipment manufacture network in US and China, we can provide our clients with most cost-effective solutions for their drilling and oilfield services and equipment needs worldwide.

We are providing our clients with the following oilfield services and equipment:

    • Drilling including directional drilling
    • Mud engineering and drilling fluids
    • Cementing
    • Well completion
    • Well logging and testing
    • Downhole operations
    • Drilling pipe and other drilling tools
    • Casing and tubing and related tools
    • Valves, pumps, and production equipment
    • Oil/gas/water separation and treatment
    • Field transmission lines

Power Generation


Gas Turbine Power Generation - We provide EPC contract services for gas turbine power plants both onshore and offshore. The equipment could be refurbished with a quick delivery and installation period. The equipment could be brand new from major equipment manufacturers or suppliers. 

Geothermal Power Generations - We provide EPC contract services for geothermal power plants. We can provide:

    • G&G and reserve study for selecting well sites
    • Geothermal drilling and related well completion services
    • Reservoir management and well maintenance services
    • Power plant EPC contract services

If terms and conditions are acceptable to us, we also consider a turnkey solution as well as an equity partner both in a gas turbine power generation project and in a geothermal power generation project.

Oil and Gas E&P Consulting Services

We started as an E&P technical consulting service company. E&P consulting services have been our continue business for many years. In addition to the technical consulting services, which range from basin and petroleum system analysis for exploration to reservoir characterization and engineering for field development and production, we also actively provide E&P asset evaluation, acquisition and diversification services to our worldwide clients. As of January 2009, we have evaluated over 150 E&P business projects after screening hundreds of E&P business leads or projects.

Our E&P consulting services include, without limited to, the followings:

    • Concession block and field evaluation
    • Production Sharing Agreement negotiations
    • Asset diversification and acquisition
    • Basin analysis and resource evaluation
    • Petroleum system analysis
    • Play/prospect evaluation
    • Reservoir characterization and modeling
    • Field development planning
    • Reservoir management and reservoir engineering
    • Production optimization
    • Enhanced oil recovery
    • Drilling management and operation
    • General oilfield service management and operation
    • Field infrastructure engineering and construction
    • Oil/gas/water separation and filtration
    • Field power generation
    • Flare gas utilization