Global Synergy

We work together for a harmony world!


oming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

~ Henry Ford

About Us

We have a mission to develop natural resources (oil, gas, coal, geothermal, solar, wind, and hydro) in emerging countries and regions of the world. We are committed to improve the quality of life, environment, safety, and community in the countries or regions where we are operated.

We are a for-profit organization, but we believe in enlightened capitalism, wherein we and the local people can act in partnership to responsibly develop resources to benefit both. We strongly believe that the local natural resources should directly benefit the local people as well as all people in the country or the region where the natural resources are located.

Our business philosophy is to "work together" for a win-win business outcome. We will try our level best to work together with our partners and clients to maximize the economic outcome of our projects and services for all parties involved.

We strongly believe and do apply the "Golden Rule" in all our business practices. In all projects we do, we will treat others (our partners and our clients) as we would have them to treat us. The same rule is also used for our corporation internal management and culture and shall be observed by all our directors, officers, employees, consultants and advisors.

Currently we are focused on exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources and geothermal resources in China, Central Asia, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, South America and Europe.  We are aggressively exploring all business opportunities of developing other natural resources.

Company Milestones

2001: Global Synergy Corporation was incorporate in State of Texas with a focus in E&P consulting for basin analysis and modeling, petroleum system analysis, reservoir characterization, prospect generation and evaluation, and E&P project business development in both US market and international market.
Global Synergy Corporation, partnered with GCC Group, started E&P consulting services to Chinese state oil companies (CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC). A consulting agreement was signed between Global Synergy Corporation and Sinopec International Petroleum E&P Corporation for assisting Sinopec to evaluate and purchase oil and gas properties overseas.

2002: Global Synergy Corporation had purchased, via a special purpose company GAC Energy Company, a 50% working interest in the Block12 of the Republic of Georgia. GAC Energy Company consisted of CNPC subsidiary Tuha Exploration Company, several private Chinese investors, and Global Synergy Corporation. Global Synergy Corporation played a leading role in GAC Energy Company management and operation for developing oil and gas resources in the Block 12.

2003: Global Synergy Corporation facilitated a multiple million dollar drilling contract for Great
Wall Drilling Company of China National Petroleum Corporation in Tunisia, North Africa. Global Synergy developed a good business network with Chinese drilling rig and other oilfield equipment manufacturers.

2004: Global Synergy Corporation put together a consortium among Chinese oilfield service companies and US oilfield Service companies for bidding gas field development blocks
in the Burgos Basin of Mexico, which was a multiple million dollar gas field development contract with over 200 gas wells and gas field infrastructure.

2005: Global Synergy Corporation had purchased, via a special purpose company Strong Petroleum Group, a 75% working interest in the Prado Field in southern Texas. Strong Petroleum Group consisted of Tianjin New Highland Technology (China), Strong Resources LLC and Global Synergy Corporation. Global Synergy Corporation played a leading role in field redevelopment management and operation.

2006: Global Synergy Corporation facilitated, via GTS Drilling Company, the importation of a 1300 HP electronic land drilling rig manufactured by HongHua Co., Limited, of China.
This is the first Chinese-made land drilling rig came to USA for land drilling. The rig successfully drilled several wells in Colorado Piceance Basin and Texas basins.
2007: Global Synergy Corporation teamed with other partners to develop oil and gas business 
projects in Africa with focus in Sudan and Niger via special purpose company Phoenix Wyoming International LLC
. Global Synergy Corporation played a leading role in the technical evaluation of projects and business development. By October of 2007, Global Synergy Corporation has evaluated, after screening hundreds of E&P business projects, 100 E&P projects through its worldwide consulting services.

2008: Global Synergy Corporation created a joint venture company with General Turbine Systems of Texas for providing drilling and oilfield services by utilizing western project management and Chinese drilling/oilfield equipment and workforce.
Another joint project with General Turbine Systems of Texas was a 50 MW gas turbine power generation project in Bangladesh where refurbished gas turbine power plant equipments were purchased in US and Europe, and late installed and commissioned in Bangladesh. Global Synergy Corporation entered geothermal drilling and power generation market by signing a master project management contract with Erdstrom AG of Germany. Based on the business plan, 8 power plants (5-10 MW each) were planed to be built in the Munich area, 24 geothermal wells are to be drilling in four years with 3 wells at each power plant.

2009: Global Synergy Corporation entered Nigerian E&P market by providing consulting services, and exploring oilfield services and field development opportunities. In addition,   technical consulting services and business development projects in Kazakhstan were started.
2010: Global Synergy Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DC Energy of Turkey to develop coal projects, including coal mining methane (CMM), coal bed methane (CBM), underground coal gasification (UCG), and coal gasification. Global Synergy Corporation was engaged with Well Logging Energy Company of China for providing well logging and integrated oilfield services in emerging markets. Global Synergy Corporation, teamed with its partners, started promotion for applying those field-proven EOR/IOR technologies from USA and China to mature oilfields in order to recover more oil.